⁣Wyrmrest Discord

⁣Wyrmrest Discord

http://discord.me/wra Wyrmrest Discord is a large discord server for chatting and sometimes networking.

Code of Conduct - Behavior:

1) Be Excellent to Each Other (Don't be a dick.)

2) Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter.

3) If a mod tells you to stop, then stop.

4) No harassment, hate speech, political talk, or real world religious talk, etc. Be cool.

5) No NSFW stuff.

6) Stay on topic.

7) Don't post misinformation.

8) Don't troll, post things that are cruel to be funny, etc.

9) Don't post things that are illegal, break the Discord or WOW ToS.

10) Moderator decisions are final are not up for discussion.

11) Please make your nickname be readable to the human eye. In game names are greatly preferred.

Removal Clause: As it is impossible to predict and make rules against every offending behavior, the moderation team has the right to remove anyone at any time for any reason.

Channel Rules:

• Click the thumbtack icon in channels for channel specific info.

• There are event announce groups. You may use the relevant @ command once when you announce an event, once the day of the event, and once right before the event start.

Note: You must have a confirmed Discord account to speak. If you are unable to add yourself to a rank because you can't speak, feel free to contact a moderator directly and we can verify you some other way, like talking in game.



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