The Grand Alliance

The Grand Alliance

The Noble Humans hailing from the kingdoms of Stormwind, Lordaeron and the other Kingdoms of the North, as diverse as they are willful.

The Proud Dwarves, Sons and Daughters of Ironforge, Aerie Peak and Shadowforge, three clans under one banner.

The Ingenious Gnomes, the scattered people of Gnomeregan, ever optimistic in the face of adversity.

The Vigilant Night Elves, protectors of the land and of Darnassus, never tiring in their duties.

The Stalwart Draenei, the exiles of Argus, and the fighters of a war older than memory.

The Tenacious Worgen, rightful rulers of Gilneas, beset on all sides by tragedy, growing only stronger for it.

The Patient Tushui Pandaren, of the Wandering Isle, following a tradition of calm and careful consideration, even in trying times.

The Graceful High Elves, of Quel'thalas, but a remnant of their people, still fighting the good fight regardless.

The Ambitious Void Elves, of Telorgus Rift, wayward souls who seek to retain control of themselves and aid the Alliance once more.

The Zealous Lightforged, of the Vindicaar, who have joined the Alliance to purge evil and protect their kin.

These peoples, as diverse and alien to one another as they are to outsiders, have come underneath the Blue and Gold banner to fight as one, for each other, and for Azeroth. Fight with honor, fight with pride, raise the Blue and Gold, for the dangers are never ceasing, and the threats are always rising, but the Alliance has stood the test of time.



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