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Though we are one of Azeroth's younger races, we have met every challenge thrown at us with courage and resilience. With each setback, we have emerged stronger through our ability to adapt and rebuild. It is these qualities that have made us one of Azeroth's most powerful races despite our youth, an...
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Wyrmrest Accord
Do you RP on good ol' WRA? Then this is the group for you! WRA Discord: https://discord.me/wra
1004 members
:deciduous_tree: The Great Outdoors :deciduous_tree:
For those tired of the crowded city streets of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, the loud and rowdy taverns of the back alleys, and the stuffy atmosphere of the cathedrals and shrines, a journey back to basics may be for you. Whether you're a druid that reveres nature, an intrepid explorer looking to chart...
304 members
Multi-paragraph Writers
This group has been established as a way for multi-paragraph writers to connect!
292 members
Off Peak Gamers
Night-shift job? Different part of the world? Plain preference? Regardless of your reasons, we can't all make 6pm PST for guild events and the majority of activity on the servers we call home. This group is for us to find similarly time-restricted people to RP, write, game or just moan about miss...
233 members
Faction Neutral
F is for Friendship--do stuff together! For all those Crusaders, Cross-Factioners, Illidari and everyone in-between!
227 members

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