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The one, true race of World of Warcraft. Join us to find your kin, Sin'dorei! For the Sunwell! (overhaul coming soon!)
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:lion_face: World of Warcraft :scorpion:
This is the World of Warcraft group fanbase! Whether you're Horde, Alliance, or a neutral faction, all fans and lovers of everything Warcraft are welcome here. Now girdle your loins, raise your steel, and let us claim glory and victory! FOR AZEROTH!!
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The Horde is made up of orcs, forsaken, tauren, trolls, blood elves, goblins, and most recently, pandaren. Misunderstood and cast aside, these diverse and powerful races strive to overcome their differences and unite as one in order to win freedom for their people and prosper in a land that has come...
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Though we are one of Azeroth's younger races, we have met every challenge thrown at us with courage and resilience. With each setback, we have emerged stronger through our ability to adapt and rebuild. It is these qualities that have made us one of Azeroth's most powerful races despite our youth, an...
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The Conclave
Whether you are deemed worthy to receive the blessings of the Holy Light, or have chosen to master the dark arts of the Void, there is a place for you within The Conclave—an Order where priests from all paths are welcomed. Discord: https://discord.gg/3hp8k7d
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⁣Wyrmrest Discord
http://discord.me/wra Wyrmrest Discord is a large discord server for chatting and sometimes networking. Code of Conduct - Behavior: 1) Be Excellent to Each Other (Don't be a dick.)2) Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. 3) If a mod tells you to stop, then stop. 4) No harassment, hate ...
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The Great Social Media Offensive!
Ladies and gentlemen of all classes and creeds! The time has come to mount the keyboards, mobilize the internet connections, and let loose the tweets of...Roleplay! Tell your friends, poke your groups and circles with the rpfind.me stick! Tweet, share, link, like, and most of all join! Let's bring ...
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The Grand Alliance
The Noble Humans hailing from the kingdoms of Stormwind, Lordaeron and the other Kingdoms of the North, as diverse as they are willful. The Proud Dwarves, Sons and Daughters of Ironforge, Aerie Peak and Shadowforge, three clans under one banner. The Ingenious Gnomes, the scattered people of Gnom...
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Wyrmrest Accord
Do you RP on good ol' WRA? Then this is the group for you! WRA Discord: https://discord.me/wra
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LGBT Friendly
This group is meant as a space for people to socialize and set up connections with LGBT characters. This is also a place for LGBT players and their allies to chat and chill. Horde, Alliance, different servers, we don't care. Just as long as you're out there doing your thing!
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Multi-paragraph Writers
This group has been established as a way for multi-paragraph writers to connect!
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Off Peak Gamers
Night-shift job? Different part of the world? Plain preference? Regardless of your reasons, we can't all make 6pm PST for guild events and the majority of activity on the servers we call home. This group is for us to find similarly time-restricted people to RP, write, game or just moan about miss...
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Faction Neutral
F is for Friendship--do stuff together! For all those Crusaders, Cross-Factioners, Illidari and everyone in-between!
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Mature RPers : WoW 18 +
Warning: The following group contains members who regularly engage in RP that contains, but is not limited to, Sex, Violence, Conflict, Characters of questionable morale integrity, Developed and complex personalities and Adult Situations. Player Discretion is Advised. Players who join this group ar...
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Night Owls of WoW
This group is mostly to promote an open discord specifically for Late Night Rpers. At this time, events are being posted on WrA, but will hopefully be placed on other servers over time. There are many of us scattered across the realms that are looking to find role play during non-peak hours. But our...
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Second Swords
The Second Sword role play guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US) and its allies.
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